Reversing the weaknesses that leave us prone to illness and injury.

The methods I have discovered and developed restore neuromuscular reflexes to their natural state by eliminating harmful sensory inputs. These methods are proven to be safe, reliable, and highly effective.

Hundreds of chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists utilize the techniques I teach to accelerate their patients’ recovery processes. When your reflexes operate without interference, injuries heal rapidly and are less likely to recur, enabling you to embrace the life you cherish.

Explore further insights by delving into my book or watching informative videos. Your journey to knowledge awaits!
Grab my book or watch the videos to learn more!

Simon aka the “muscle strength guy” is amazing at finding small weaknesses and correcting them quickly. Would thoroughly recommend.

Hugo Allen, Tennis Coach

A New Theory on What’s Wrong With You
and What to Do About It
– by Simon King

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Do you have aches and pains that just won’t shift?
Have you paid for treatments and tests that did nothing to make you better?
Are you struggling to find a solution?

  • Aches, pains and injury cause unimaginable anguish, disability and expense yet all modern medicine does is offer painkillers, and surgery – neither of which make you more healthy. 
  • If you want more than a symptomatic band-aid, you need to find the cause of your body’s failure to heal itself.
  • Only when you know the cause can you find a lasting solution.
  • You can’t find a solution using the same level of thinking that bought you the problem. That’s why I practice Afferentology, a totally different paradigm. My¬†goal is to make you stronger and healthier without exercise, so you can resist all pain and injury. I want you to exercise, but only once you’re strong enough to benefit from it.

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